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The LNM-IIT Quiz Club has a glorious record in Quizzing Competitions


Winner's of MNIT entertainment quiz in 2016 as well as Biz quiz in 2016 and 2017

Tata Crucible Regionals

Winner's of Tata Crucible Rajasthan Region in 2012, 2013, 2015 & 2016

Tata Crucible Nationals

Tata Crucible Nationals Runners-up 2015

Jaipuria Institute Business Quiz

Winners at the competition

Tata Crucible International

Tata Crucbile Internationals Runners-UP in 2015

Our Mentors

People who have worked relentlessly for the club

Dheeraj Gupta

Coordinator 2016-17

Shubham Pandey

Coordinator 2015-16

Khyati Chhabra

Coordinator 2016-17

Meet our coordinators

Shikhar Dalela

Gifted mage

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Nishita Gupta

the scholar

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Rachit Sharma

the flamboyant

I am a junior year student in CSE at LNMIIT. I started quizzing in my schooldays but I was not that active, my real interest in quizzing came when I started my college. I have gained immense knowledge and confidence by attending as well as hosting club quiz. I have met some brilliant people in my short journey of quizzing and wish to meet more such in my path ahead. I hope to carry on the legacy left by our seniors and take the club to new heights.

+91 7073743152


Our Members

Aman Bhargava

Member Y-16

His love for quizzing is unparalleled. Business and Politics are his areas of interests.

Kartik Shankhavaram

Member Y-16

A certified tech geek and chemistry hater, he loves everything with the hint of Silicon in it. Tech is his fortress where he remains undefeated, though he also excels in Entertainment.

Rahul Agarwal

Member Y-16

He is the jack of all trades, master at some, thoroughly enjoys Sports as well as most other categories.

Ratnam Agarwal

Member Y-16

A tech enthusiast, comicbook nerd, he's a MUN'ner, debater, photographer, apart from being a quizzer. His love for quizzing is unparalleled though.

Shankar Krishnan

Member Y-16

He has always found quizzing to be more of a passion rather than a hobby, unlike most people

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